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Cotton from Ghana Fabric of cotton in Ghana

Cotton has long been no serious agricultural product more in Ghana, but one of the few cash crops for the poor north of the country. In the next four years in Ghana needs a new cotton sector from the ashes of the former industrial resurrected. In the meantime, there must still be done. Solidaridad is at the forefront of development of this new industry and is working with farmers, government and companies to develop a new sustainable sector.
Hans Perk, director of Solidaridad West Africa and tells from Accra, Ghana in section Improve the World about his work in West Africa.

The cotton production in Ghana has never been on a scale such as that occurs in some neighboring countries such as Burkina Faso. While cotton is one of the few crops that can provide immediate cash for farmers in the dry and hot northern parts of Ghana: Upper East, Upper West and Northern Region. In addition to growing cotton is the agricultural sector in this part of the country largely agricultural aimed at self-sufficiency.

Cotton available in Ghana

Fabric of cotton in Ghana through Lindalu.

Contactinformatie Lindalu Ghana