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History LindaLu

From 1975 to 2000 the emphasis of our activity was on the production of ladies’ and childrens’ clothing for important players on the market like e.g. C&A and OILILY in factories in Poland, Romania and Turkey.

For the clothing business of more limited size a special line was developed, under the brand name  Linda Lu .

Since 2000 we focus on cotton and its processing into yarn, cloth and several home textile products in the same production countries.

We have our own branches in those countries with textile engineers that control the production and that take care of Sales & Marketing.

From 2000 to 2005 we have, by order of the governments of the Netherlands and of Benin (West-Africa), led a research into the possibilities for change from traditional cotton culture to a durable system.

At the moment a similar investigation is going on in Ghana and the aim is to achieve certification in terms of the BCI ( Better Cotton Inittiative) and the CMIA ( Cotton Made in Africa)  and the European Ecolabel.

We were also involved in the development of a school complex in Gambia (banyaka Primary School ''Holland'' )  and have provided school uniforms to the almost 1000 school children.